Unity and Strength


African Diaspora Leadership Initiative (AfDiLI) evolved out of the passion, determination, and desire of a group of African students and professionals in the Netherlands to change their continent’s narratives from backwards, dependent and undeveloped to a resilient, developed self-reliant and economically prosperous continent. Click here Our Origin webpage.

Who we are

Africa Diaspora Leadership Initiative is a non-racial, non-ethnical and non-religious formation that focuses on bettering Africa’s future through uniting African Diasporans in the Netherlands and globally. The group is rapidly gaining momentum by bringing together African scholars from different universities within the Netherlands and continental Europe.

What we do

We create awareness for Africans in the Netherlands by providing them with an opportunity to learn from their peers already residing in the country. We run events, organize forums to orient the newly arrived Africans into the Dutch culture as well as bridge the Netherlands (EU)-Africa development cooperation. Please visit our AfDiLI Activity webpage.

Vision Statement

  • Imbibing the attitude of true leadership


  • To maximize your stay in the Netherlands positively
  • To discover new ways of developing Africa
  • To Bridging the cultural gap between Africa and the West
  • To advance professionally within the Netherlands


  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Accountability