Past Events

From 29th January 2021: Distribution of weekly groceries to students to help with Covid-19 crisis in collaboration withStichting Carabic and United Nigerian Platform Netherlands.

3rd April 2021: Annual General Meeting including Introduction to business planning and entrepreneurship Part-1.

24th and 25th December 2020: Distribution of chocolates to some Christmas student

October 24th 2020: Virtual welcome event for new students in the Netherlands.

September 26th 2020: Virtual goodbyes to 2020 M.Sc Erasmus University graduating African students

December 24th 2019: Christmas celebration at Erasmus University

October 26th 2019: Rotterdam tour for new African Students

October 10th 2019: Welcome event for new African students

September 19th 2019: Sendforth to 2019 African M.Sc Erasmus University graduants.

June 2019: First meeting of founding members of AfDiLI