AfDiLI WhatsApp group


Aim of the WhatsApp Group:

To learn, mentor and be mentored, share ideas, identify common interests, and have general discussions about our practices or businesses regardless of our various disciplines or backgrounds in respect of the Africa Diaspora Leadership Initiative (AfDiLI) objectives in general but more specifically the ones outlined below:


  • To be updated with information related to the objectives of AfDiLi;
  • To share in each other’s professional or business accomplishments, joys and grieves;
  • To be updated with latest information in our fields within the Netherlands, Europe, home countries and globally;
  • To be able to express ourselves as regards to our practices without fear of being ridiculed;
  • To connect with like-minded professionals of various disciplines; and
  • To learn new things from others that may strengthen our professional experience.


  • Respect every member and his or her views. It is the very core of our existence in this group;
  • Announcement of academic, professional jobs, entrepreneurial and business opportunities are allowed, however, kindly confirm its source/validity before sharing;
  • You are free to share information related to the AIMS AND OBJECTIVES of AFDILI;
  • When sending goodwill messages, pray in the name of your God. Even if you are a pagan, bow to your shrine. No more than that is allowed religious-wise;
  • All religious, cultural and social festive felicitations are allowed! but no more than that; and
  • Share positive jokes only.


  • No RELIGIOUS discussion in any form. No religious undertone. Your faith is a personal matter and journey. Use other forums to spread your religion. Don’t disrespect others with it;
  • No POLITICAL undertone, post or news. This is not a political platform. Do not ridicule any nation or political figure. Do not heat up the platform; and
  • No RACIAL/TRIBAL/CULTURAL/BELIEF/SEXUAL ORIENTATION sentiments, no discrimination and no undertone. You did not choose your tribe/race, so no one is greater than any other is.

Other DON’Ts:

  • Sarcasm or any form of it will not be tolerated at all;
  • Disagree with respect and make your point without insulting another;
  • DO NOT jump into any ongoing discussion without first acquainting yourself with earlier posts on the subject;
  • Direct or indirect insult to any group member is outright 7-days suspension from the platform;
  • DO NOT POST anything that may disrespect a person’s religion, political affiliation or tribe;
  • NO PREGNANT COMMENT such as “hmmm” or “oooh” is allowed on another member’s post, which may be interpreted as a derogatory remark or sarcasm. Either you contribute meaningfully or you simply pass-by. Life can be that simple, DO NOT COMPLICATE IT;
  • No Profanity! Do not call the Name of God (or your God) in vain or in irrelevant or trivial issues;
  • No videos on pornography or any message connoting such;
  • No nude photos;
  • No disturbing images or videos. If you need to share this, please give a warning first! Moreover, seek consent from the AfDiLI leadership before you post it. We have to be sensitive please!; and
  • Do not cause panic by spreading or sharing fake news! All posts should be validated prior to sharing. Take the pain to verify the authenticity of your information.  If it will take you hours, days, weeks or months to verify, then do not share until you confirm.


  1. First Offender:            Yellow Card (First warning)
  2. Second Offender:        7- days’ suspension (Second warning).

Upon return after suspension, the offender will tender an apology to the group.

  • Third Offender:           Expulsion from the platform (No stories, no pleas).