Joshua Chibuyi (M.Sc)

I am an executive member of AfDiLI as well as a founding member (Click here for founding members webpage) who among other things, connect the East Africa region to diaspora initiatives. I work to identify means to bring together African diasporans to share ideas on making African continent great.  Kenyan born, I am a social change enthusiast with a big heart for youth and climate change. My experience revolves around working for impact-driven organizations, including Signify Foundation, formally called the Philips Lighting Foundation at Amsterdam. I made milestones building sustainable lighting eco-system for underserved communities in Africa and Asia. Currently, I am a project manager at Purpose Climate Lab, an impact-driven organization that builds and support movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world. I holds an MSC in Urban Environment Sustainability and Climate Change from Erasmus University Rotterdam.