Justin Ifechukwu (M.Sc)

Justin I. Ifechukwu, is a Nigerian by birth and based in the Netherlands.  He holds M.Sc. diplomas in Geoinformatics; and Urban Management and Development from the University of Lagos, Lagos and Erasmus University, Rotterdam, respectively.

Justin’s education and training spans across Nigeria, United States, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, India and South Africa with focus on information management, urban and environmental management, project management, spatial data analysis and mapping.  He participated in research projects sponsored by the Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and World Bank.

Justin desires to see a progressive Africa championed by resilient and focused minds with less attention to its limitations.  At the moment, he is the Team Lead Supervisor (Administration) at Gorillas Technologies B.V., a company determined to change the face of the grocery business industry around the world.